Vaishno Devi - Kaal Bhairav

Vaishno Devi is one of the most visited and religious place to be. It is situated on the hills of Himalayan range and is quite near to Jammu city (around 100 km). It is a pilgrimage where all religious people go and make their wishes. Near Jammu around 80 km, there is a place called Katra. Katra is the last stoppage where buses leave the visitors. From that place the visitors are supposed to go to the Temple of Vaishno Devi either on foot or they can hire horses for the purpose.

Vaishno Devi's Temple is around 14 km from Katra. Therefore all the visitors need to walk all the way to the temple on their feet. If the visitors are old enough to walk they can hire horses which can take them from Katra to Vaishno Devi's Temple. Visit to Devi's Temple is not considered completed until the visitor goes to Bhairav Ghati. Bhairav Ghati is the place, according to the myths, where the head of mythological villain fell after it was taken off by Maa Vaishno. Although, Bhairav Ghati is just 5 km above Vaishno Devi's Temple it is very hard to be there because of the crooked and haphazard road. Bhairav Ghati is the highest place on that religious place. Because it is on that height it is full of clouds and it is very cold there.

Bhairav Ghati is, although, a place of mythological villain, however, it is considered as religious because the villain was killed by Vaishno Devi. There is, now-a-days, very good sitting arrangement organized by the government. Also, for the visitors who reach late at night, there is arrangement of accommodation as well. Visitors can reach Bhairav Ghati anything they want and if they are late they can hire a hotel room and can relax. They can also enjoy the site scenes of the place. As it is a hill station also and that too at the highest peak it is really fun to be there.

When you reach Bhairav Ghati you need to go to the temple named as Bhairav Temple which is situated at Bhairav Ghati itself. Once you are in the Temple and you have seen the statue it is considered that you have completed your visit to Vaishno Devi. After this you can return back to the Temple and then back towards Katra. From Katra you can hire a bus back to Jammu and then back to your home town.